Ejercicios de Pasado Continuo - SnackEnglish | Aprende inglés fácil y rápido

Completa las frases con pasado continuo a partir de la forma correcta del verbo entre paréntesis.

1. Mi little brothers (sleep) after a long trip.

2. I (feel) a terrible pain so I went to the doctor.

3. I think I saw you yesterday. Was that you who (run) down the street?

4. I (play/not) the guitar but the bass.

5. She   (study) when she realized the exam wasn't tomorrow.

6. They (push) hard enough to pull the car out of the mud.

7. I heard a noise. (listen/music) to music?

8. The cat (chase) the mouse.

9. My mom (cook) bacon and eggs for breakfast.

10. Kate is talented. (paint/she) this canvas?

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