Ejercicios de Pasado Perfecto Simple - SnackEnglish | Aprende inglés fácil y rápido

Completa las frases con pasado perfecto simple a partir de la forma correcta del verbo entre paréntesis.

1. (see/you) a sunset as beautiful as this one?

2. I thought you (fall) when I saw the torn pants.

3. We went to play just when we (finish) our homework.

4. Tim (behave/not) well so he didn't go on the field trip.

5. Lisa   (prepare) a party for her son's birthday.

6. Nobody (tell) you that you had a spot on your face?

7. I appreciate it. I (have/not) a good teacher until now.

8. Alice (decide) to dress up as Batman for Halloween.

9. The keys (disappear/not). They were under the sofa.

10. I couldn't believe he (break up) with me via email.

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