Ejercicios de Futuro Perfecto Continuo - SnackEnglish | Aprende inglés fácil y rápido

Completa las frases con futuro perfecto continuo a partir de la forma correcta del verbo entre paréntesis.

1. When I grow up, I (save) enough money to buy a house.

2. The mechanic (repair) cars since 1987.

3. Tell me, how long (live/they) together?

4. Billy seems in a good mood. He (train/not) today.

5. As of today, Sam   (smoke) a total of 8000 cigarettes.

6. Will my daughter (brush) her teeth this night?

7. In Kansas I have distant family. Will it (rain) there now?

8. He (cook/not) seafood as I told him I'm allergic.

9. Since frogs live in water, they (swim) all their lives.

10. The batteries (last) less than the ones made in the past.

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