Ejercicios de Futuro Continuo - SnackEnglish | Aprende inglés fácil y rápido

Completa las frases con futuro continuo a partir de la forma correcta del verbo entre paréntesis.

1. When the food is ready, he (get up).

2. In 50 years, climate change (get better/not) if we do nothing.

3. Do you know if they (wait) for us at the park?

4. At 5 o'clock, Thomas (sing) sonnets in the square.

5. I'm worried about whether they   (arrive) safely from the trip.

6. Melinda is a little quiet. (think/she) about her pet?

7. If she passes the exam, she (celebrate) with her friends tomorrow.

8. The new skate park is very dirty. I (skate/not) there.

9. They (eat) hot dogs until they win the contest.

10. The mathematician (do) calculations all night long.

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