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🤯 100 MODISMOS de fácil aprendizaje en inglés

El inglés es un idioma divertido de aprender, y aunque se considera un idioma accesible y relativamente fácil, con 750.000 palabras y una ortografía que puede despistar hasta al más experto, aprender inglés puede parecer imposible. Además hay otro desafio que hay que tratar, los idioms.

Modismos, idioms o expresiones idiomáticas, todas son equivalentes. Reciben distintos nombres pero son lo mismo, son frases propias dentro de un idioma, de ahí el nombre «idiom». Normalmente en español se dice "modismo" y en inglés "idiom".

¿Qué es un modismo y por qué debería importarme?

Empecemos por la pregunta, ¿qué es un modismo? Es un tipo de frase cuyo significado no puede deducirse por sus palabras individuales, es decir, si la lees su significado literal tiene poco sentido. Por ejemplo, la frase "estar echo polvo" no es que te hayan incinerado sino que estás muy cansado.

¿Cuáles son los modismos o idioms más comunes?

Abre la libreta y disponte a tomar nota, los tienes en este listado, ¡adelante!

1. Fly off the handle

Perder los estribos.

My boss flew off the handle when I was late for work.

2. Turn a blind eye

Hacer la vista gorda.

Teacher turns a blind eye when students are ten minutes late.

3. It's Greek to me

Me suena a chino.

I can't understand these new physics homework. It's all Greek to me.

4. Draw a blank

Quedarse en blanco.

Sorry, I just drew a blank. I don't remember where I left the coat.

5. It dawn on someone

Darse cuenta de algo.

I was going to open the garage doow but it suddenly dawned on me that I had lost my keys.

6. Get your way

Salirte con la tuya.

Steve got his way when his parents let him go to the party.

7. To rain cats and dogs

Llover a cántaros.

I had agreed to meet Maria but I won't be able to go because it's raining cats and dogs.

8. Save your bacon

Salvar el pellejo.

Elisabeth saved my bacon with my homework.

9. Get the hang of it

Cogerle el tranquillo.

I'm gonna teach you how to solve math equations. You'll get the hang of it.

10. Go Dutch

Ir a medias o pagar a medias, en asuntos económicos.

Naomi and his boyfriend always go Dutch when eating out.

11. On the sly

A escondidas.

Tommy spent the night playing video games on the sly without his parent's knowledge.

12. Stage fright

Miedo escénico.

Even though she suffered from stage fright, she had the courage to perform in her school play.

13. Pay attention

Prestar atención.

Listen Dustin! If you don't pay attention in class, you'll fail the next exam too.

14. Pull your leg

Tomarle el pelo a alguien.

Hey Sarah, Charlie told me you guys had broken up after so many years. Is that true? Don't pull my leg.

15. Get down to business

Ir al grano.

At this rate, we won't meet the project deadline. Let's cut the nonsense and get down to business.

16. Stay in touch

Estar en contacto.

We stayed in touch for a long time but after the argue, she never contacted me again.

17. Don't get me wrong

No me malinterpretes.

I didn't mean you were fat but that the pants were a little tight. Don't get me wrong.

18. Fall behind

Quedarse atrás.

The next week I have a race. I need to work out two hours every day in order not to fall behind.

19. Far-fetched

Rebuscado, disparatado.

These new characters in your comic are a bit far-fetched. It's just that fire-breathing crocodiles don't make sense.

20. By a landslide

Por goleada.

My son's team got the soccer tournament trophy. They won by a landslide.

21. Brand new

Recién comprado, flamante.

With Michael's promotion, his family has been able to move into a brand new house.

22. In due course

A su debido tiempo.

My mother-in-law advised us to have a child, but we'll have one in due course.

23. Has to do

Tiene que ver.

Our television doesn't work. It seems that the problem has to do with the antenna.

24. Change of heart

Cambio de opinión.

This change of heart is odd. Yesterday you told me you wanted to buy the car.

25. Flog your guts out

Desvivirse por algo.

My neighbor spent 30 years flogging her guts out to pay the mortgage and now has passed away.

26. At odds

En desacuerdo.

I love my family but when we talk about politics we're always at odds.

27. Beat the pants off

Dar una paliza.

I know they defeated us in the last soccer game, but now we'll be the ones to beat the pants off them.

28. Be down in the mouth

Estar decaido, de capa caida.

I'm sorry, I couldn't make it. I've been down in the mouth these last few months.

29. Cold turkey

De golpe (dejar adicción).

Melvin's been smoking since he was young, so now it's hard for him to quit cold turkey.

30. God willing

Si Dios quiere.

When Brad turns 21 and gets his driver's license, God willing, he'll take us on a trip.

31. Spitting image

Viva imagen, vivo retrato.

In my town everyone says that I'm the spitting image of my mother when she was young.

32. Come true

Hacerse realidad.

If you strive and work hard to pursue your dreams, they will eventually come true.

33. Make a living

Ganarse la vida.

Every morning when the sun rises, Harold grabs a pick and shovel to make a living.

34. Shelf life

Periodo de caducidad.

My wife usually buys food with a short shelf life because it's cheaper.

35. Lose face

Quedar mal.

Aaron is worried about losing face with shareholders by not being able to pay them the dividend this quarter.

36. Ring a bell

Sonar familiar.

I'm not quite sure if I know him or not. The face certainly rings a bell.

37. On my way

Estar de camino.

Don't worry. We just bought the ribs and we're on our way to the barbecue.

38. Sore loser

Mal perdedor.

Ryan is a sore loser at chess. After I beat him in 20 moves, he doesn't even want to shake my hand.

39. Against all odds

Contra todo pronóstico.

The player looked injured, but against all odds, he recovered and returned to his team.

40. One-night stand

Sexo de una noche.

I was a little shocked when Rachel said she didn't want marriage or commitment but one-night stands.

41. State of the art

De última generación.

The new tablet model includes a longer battery life, a larger screen and state-of-the-art technology.

42. Go hand in hand

Ir de la mano, va de la mano.

In our new supermarket, low prices and product quality go hand in hand and complement each other.

43. On all fours

A cuatro patas, a gatas.

When I arrived at the clinic, the doctor put me on all fours to perform the rectal exam.

44. Run of the mill

Normal y corriente.

Tyler isn't a run-of-the-mill guy like my co-workers but someone different. He has a look that catches.

45. Package insert


The package insert indicates that the tablet should be taken every 8 hours and on an empty stomach.

46. Ups and downs


This medication may have side effects such as emotional ups and downs, but it's temporary.

47. Bottom line

En conclusión, en resumen.

It turns out they no longer needed my services. Bottom line, I'm unemployed.

48. Kick the bucket

Palmar, estirar la pata.

I'm really sorry. Your hamster has chewed the wires and has kicked the bucket.

49. Cutting edge

De vanguardia, algo puntero.

The company has launched a cutting-edge technology that will rival its competition.

50. Bury the hatchet

Enterrar el hacha de guerra.

Honey, we can't go on arguing about anything silly. let's bury the hatchet and keep on with our lives.

51. All the way

Hasta el final.

Get rid of doubts and try it all the way, and if you don't succeed, just try again.

52. Layman's terms

En términos sencillos.

In layman's terms, the email states that your personal data will be entered in a government database.

53. Hands down

Sin lugar a dudas, sin duda alguna.

Jack's car is really breathtaking. I'd definitely buy it if I could, hands down.

54. Nothing to write home about

Nada del otro mundo.

The criticism was right. The food at Molly's steakhouse is nothing to write home about.

55. On the spot

En el acto.

After years of being unhappy, one day when I was driving I made a decision on the spot that changed my life.

56. The hard way

Por las malas.

Adams has made huge mistakes in his life and learned most of them the hard way.

57. Hit it off

Llevarse bien, congeniar.

Olivia and Eric had a rough childhood, and maybe that's they hit it off and became best friends.

58. Every nook and cranny

Cada recoveco.

Just before I left for work, I lost my keys and was looking for them in every nook and cranny of the house.

59. Don't give a damn

Importar un bledo.

I don't give a damn if you're a democrat or a republican, I just don't want you to talk politics during the meal.

60. To the letter

Al pie de la letra.

Soldiers in the army must follow orders to the letter, otherwise they must deal with a court-martial.

61. Keep someone company

Hacer compañia.

At the funeral for the loss of Maddy's grandmother, her friends were there to keep her company.

62. Hit the books

Hincar los codos, darle a los libros.

Sorry guys, I can't hang out this weekend. I really have to hit the books for the history exam.

63. On the prowl

Al acecho.

The judge put the killer in jail as otherwise he'd come back on the prowl when he was released.

64. Curdle the blood

Helar la sangre.

In short buddy, when I saw those men beating the dog...it curdled my blood!

65. Stay still

Quedarse quieto.

I'm gonna try to get a great picture of you. Please stay still for a second and don't move.

66. At full throttle

A toda máquina, a toda pastilla.

It took me years to save up to buy Tesla's new vehicle. It really goes at full throttle in no time.

67. At any rate

En cualquier caso.

This python is unique but very poisonous. At any rate, it only attacks if it feels threatened.

68. Backfire on you

Salirte el tiro por la culata.

If I were you, I wouldn't give up your current job to invest in Bitcoin. It could backfire on you.

69. Go the extra mile

Ir más allá.

Aside from the anniversary gift, Dawson decided to go the extra mile and take his wife on a cruise.

70. Water under the bridge

Agua pasada.

Stephanie, why are you talking about your ex? I thought that topic was water under the bridge.

71. Way to go

Así se hace.

Your sister told me that you passed the physics exam. Well done Ethan, way to go!

72. Drive crazy

Volverse loco.

The cab driver drove me crazy with all the chatter. I was tired and just wanted to get home.

73. On bail

Bajo fianza.

The defendant charged with reckless driving was released on bail after several days in custody.

74. Fall in love


Lydia has fallen in love with her best friend but it turns out she already loves someone else.

75. Take the biscuit

Se lleva la palma.

I've heard your excuses for being late a million times but this one really takes the biscuit!

76. Out of whack

Fuera de control.

In the teenage years, your body starts to grow all out of whack and by the time you realize it, you're already a grown-up.

77. Shoot the breeze

Darle a la lengua, charlar.

Hey Jacob, long time no see! We could get together some day and shoot the breeze.

78. In a nutshell

En pocas palabras.

More heat, melting of the ice shelves, rising sea levels,...in a nutshell, we're destroying the planet.

79. Make a splash

Causar sensación.

Lara's performance in the singing contest made a splash among the whole audience.

80. Bite the bullet

Tragar, conformarse con algo.

To be rich you have to get up early and work hard, so bite the bullet because it's the only way.

81. Lucky break

Golpe de suerte.

Jimbo had a lucky break when he won the lottery for the second time in the same year.

82. Back and forth

De un lado a otro.

When my son cries I take him to the park so he swings back and forth and ends up happy.

83. Hustle and bustle

Ajetreo, bullicio.

The hustle and bustle of the city is causing more people to see the towns as a quiet getaway.

84. Word of mouth

Boca a boca.

The best marketing model will always be word of mouth. It's the key to build confidende.

85. Head on

De frente.

Covid-19 poses a huge risk to everyone but thanks to vaccines we can face it head on.

86. To top it off

Para colmo, para rematar.

The bride ended up saying some words and to top it off, the wedding guests started dancing.

87. Make ends meet

Llegar a fin de mes.

There're people who have jobs they don't like but must keep working to make ends meet.

88. Over the counter

De venta libre, sin receta.

It's quicker if I buy the pills outright over the counter instead of visiting the doctor.

89. Give the runaround

Dar largas, evitar a alguien.

I met a girl online who gave me the runaround after waiting for two hours at the restaurant.

90. Come in handy

Venir bien, ser de ayuda.

Don't think about the bad jobs, just remember that your prior experience will come in handy.

91. Follow suit

Seguir el ejemplo.

My little son is even naughtier...if his brother did something, he'd always follow suit.

92. Could do with

Venir bien, vendría bien.

There's no song in the world that couldn't do with a little bit of saxophone in the background.

93. Headfirst

De cabeza.

Before jumping headfirst into the pool, remember to do the warm-up exercises.

94. What is it like

Que se siente.

What is it like to be a single mother? It must not be easy to face that situation.

95. Walk-in

Sin cita previa.

Many cities provide vaccination centers, where people avail of the walk-in service.

96. On the fly

Sobre la marcha.

We didn't wanna go to the concert so we made up an excuse on the fly, kind of a lie.

97. From head to toe

De la cabeza a los pies.

I'm really mad at Mike. He's said bad things about me from head to toe.

98. Play the victim

Hacerse la víctima.

She's not trying to play the victim, you're the idiot who's not acting right.

99. Death knell

Sentencia de muerte.

This job looked like an great chance but turned out to be a death knell.

100. Get off your butt

Mueve el culo.

The fridge is completely empty. Get off your butt and go buy at least some milk.

Un listado algo extenso, ¿no? Tener que aprender modismos con sus ejemplos y significado es la mejor forma de dominarlos. Por ello, aquí tienes los 50 idioms más buscados para que no pierdas la racha de estudio.

El siguiente paso debes darlo tú, así que intenta practicar las expresiones idiomáticas con ejemplos propios y se te quedarán grabadas mejor en tu mente.

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