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Relato sobre la situación del Coronavirus

Esta vez para variar he querido escribir un texto describiendo la situación del Covid-19 y algunos hechos relacionados como es el salir de casa o saber qué se siente estando confinado en casa. El texto incluye ciertos términos relacionados con el virus que quizás te sean útiles.

It had been heard in the media for some time that in other countries had arisen an outbreak of a new disease that was quite contagious and that had a high rate of transmission. The scientists named it Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Those countries were far away from Spain so politicians considered that it wasn't necessary to take any precautionary measures.

Everything changed when the first case of death came up. The alarms went off and as the days passed, the number of deaths grew. The government declared state of emergency and it was implemented a quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading. The OMS classified the disease as a pandemic. It turns out that until you don't bleed, you don't act.

We couldn't leave the house except to go to work or go shopping, always wearing facial masks. Everyone had to stay in their homes until further notice. This situation was considered special and everyone accepted it. It started with only 15 days but it went on for quite some time.

It wasn't easy to get used to the confinement. I have a small house and at first it was hard not to have enough space to move my legs around the house. The mental stress of working from home also was a hard part, since I was 8 hours a day, and when I finished I wanted to relax with a movie. In other words, I used the computer for both work and leisure. From time to time I would call a friend.

But perhaps the most important ordeal was the absence of sunshine, which caused my mood to wilt more and more every day. I felt bored of the same things, frustrated, tired, etc.

It was a very sudden change of routine that my mind wasn't yet able to assimilate. There are people who get along well and find it easy. The more introverted someone is, the easier it's for them to adapt.

Most businesses had closed except for minimum services such as food. When I needed to go to the supermarket I had to take my gloves with me as they were mandatory, as well as keeping a safe distance from other people.

Almost every day at 8 in the evening you could hear the people in the streets applauding towards all the medical people for their great effort to heal the sick. The symptoms suffered by these people were multiple, from headaches to pneumonia. They were now carriers so they couldn't leave the hospital to see their families. Those applauses were a nice gesture amid the general pessimism of all this time.

To this day, vaccines are not yet available but are expected to arrive before the end of the year.

El vocabulario más relevante del texto es el siguiente:

  • Outbreak: brote
  • Contagious: contagioso
  • Quarantine: cuarentena
  • Pandemic: pandemia
  • Facial mask: máscara facial
  • Confinement: confinamiento
  • Ordeal: calvario
  • Gloves: guantes
  • Symptoms: síntomas
  • Headache: dolor de cabeza
  • Carrier: portador
  • Vaccines: vacunas

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